Recent inclement weather didn't stop a local law enforcement officer from doing his job.

In the pouring rain on Tuesday, November 6, Bristol County K9 Officer Joao Santos got out of his vehicle after spotting a motorist broken down on the side of the ramp on 195 east by Faunce Corner in Dartmouth. He then proceeded to assist the local woman with changing her flat tire for a spare, then left without filing a report or telling his supervisor.

This didn’t stop her from contacting the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office herself and telling them the story of her hero that brightened her day despite the bad weather.

"I just want to mention how incredibly awesome Officer Joao Santos is,” the woman said . “I got a flat tire and was broken down on the side of 195 (east). He stopped to help me and changed out my flat for the spare. I can’t say thanks enough to such a wonderful soul! He’s a treasure and I hope the office appreciates what a gem of an employee he is. Thanks again, Joao! You saved me."

To Officer Santos, we, as a community, thank you for your act of kindness (even if you were just doing your job). Santos is well-known as a positive role model and representative of the BCSO, day in and day out, with class, integrity, professionalism, and kindness.

"My pleasure; this is what I signed up for is to help people of Bristol County," he said after BCSO passed the woman’s message onto him.

Additional Reporting by Jhona Coombs

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