Greg Reynolds is a former classmate of mine. He was one of the hardest working students, but wasn't afraid to have some fun too. His great sense of humor was proven unparalleled in the way he accepted his diploma at graduation this year.

When I asked him about the idea he said "I wanted to accept my diploma similar to everyone else. Meaning: shake with one hand and get the diploma in the other. Usually right hand shake and left hand off. So me having a sense of humor still I figured I'd make my impression on the college and at graduation. I thought to myself I may have lost my arm but not my sense of humor.

"I met with the president a week prior to graduation to brief him about my request. His office loved it. I said could he shake my left Skelton arm and hand me my diploma in my right hand. He asked, 'why are we just finding out about you?' I said I come to school not to get noticed but to get to work haha. At graduation everyone including the audience loved it. Prior to me advancing to him I'm shaking my skeleton arm at him and said get ready, get ready, we got to get this right! He didn’t, but still was an epic moment I'll never forget. So through tragedy I can still accomplish goals and have a fun time doing it."

Reynolds' left arm was severed after a terrible motorcycle accident in Swansea back in 2008. He was 24 years old, and had already served 7 years with the Army. After years of multiple therapies, he founded Makin' Lemonade, a company that "promotes a positive and active lifestyle when life has handed you lemons." In true Greg fashion, he gave me permission to write this feature story as long as I mention that he's single (and obviously hilarious). He also plays softball, and the MLB Network just highlighted his team for Memorial Day. Ladies???

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