Cape Cod is one of the many cities and towns in Massachusetts suspending breathalyzer test evidence for the time being as their accuracy is called into question.

I've never actually had a breathalyzer test myself, but apparently they may not be the most accurate way of determining if someone is driving impaired.

According to, multiple Masssachusetts prosecutors in Middlesex and Essex counties as well as the Cape and Islands say they will be suspending the use of breath test evidence for now as "calibration issues" are looked into.

breath tests will not be used in court cases for now

Now don't think this will mean drunk drivers won't get breathalyzer-ed. They still will. Plus field sobriety tests will still be happening and on some occasions even blood tests will be used. The breath tests however will not be used in court cases for now.

So what about those that failed a recent breath test in these areas?

Seems some cases could be overturned and in others they may be harder to convict without using these breath test results.

In other words, these "calibration issues" aren't stopping the police from breath testing you if they pull you over for driving under the influence, it just means the results of that test

To me this all sounds like a way to make things easier for drunk drivers

won't be used by district attorneys if the case goes to court.

To me this all sounds like a way to make things easier for drunk drivers. At least easier for them to get off without any repercussions.

Do you think suspending breath test results in court cases is a smart move or just a way to make the roads on the Cape and Islands a little more dangerous?


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