Fall River's Toniq Ultra-Lounge Nightclub has been vandalized and robbed.

During the early hours of Monday, November 12, the bar was broken into and a white register with $400 was taken from the establishment.

"Someone broke into my bar," owner Joe Gouveia tells Fun 107. "They stole the register with money in it. If anyone hears of anything, please let me know. We work so hard and people think its okay to break into someone's business and steal their hard-earned money. We need to put these people behind bars."

The thief/possibly thieves broke the entrance glass door with a rock to gain entry, and police are currently investigating possible fingerprints left behind on said rock.

Gouveia says that unfortunately, the cameras were not working at the time of the break-in, making it difficult to determine the number of suspects and descriptive details of the vandals.

Any information on the break-in, please notify the Fall River Police Department at (508) 676-851. Gouveia is also offering an award to anyone who knows who broke in and stole from him.

"Find me the thief and I will reward you with $500. If you hear anything, please call the Fall River Police. Thank you for your support." Gouveia stated.

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