It's true. After 108 years as the Boy Scouts of America, the youth organization will change its name. As of next year, they will be known as "Scouts BSA."

Part of the reason for the change is that girls are now being accepted in the iconic scout program. The Cub Scouts, which also now accepts girls, will not be undergoing a name change.

The chief exeuctive of the Boy Scouts told that many potential names were considered, but "Scouts BSA" was the best fit. He said that he believes both boys and girls in the organization will simply refer to themselves as "scouts."

Declining membership over recent years was a key reason that girls have been invited into the scouts. The organization has also unveiled its "Scout Me In" campaign to welcome girls.

The Girl Scouts of America is a separate organization from the Boy Scouts. Many feel that the scouts name change will force the two groups to compete for female membership.

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