After years and years of seeing the latest issue of Cosmopolitan magazine while in the checkout line at Walmart, you may notice a change. America's largest retailer has made the decision to pull the glossy from the highly visible section of its stores. However, the popular publication will still be available in the magazine section, but will loose its high visibility to millions of shoppers. The store also uses blinders to hide parts of magazine covers that are too explicit.

Walmart tells that the move was a business decision. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) has been urging the store to remove Cosmo from the checkout stands for years. A spokesperson for the organization added that the magazine targets young girls by using topics like Disney stars on the cover, but is full of sexually explicit material once it is opened. NCOSE says it has also reached out to Target and Walgreens to do the same as Walmart, but has yet to recieve a response.

Walmart has stores in North Dartmouth, Fall River, Fairhaven, Wareham and Raynham.

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