With the Fun 107 Shady Ladies Party coming up this Friday, I have been thinking about what girls do when they get together.

Most of us gals will grab drinks at a friends house or restaurant.

cosmeticsurgeryinrio, Flickr
cosmeticsurgeryinrio, Flickr

Some of the vendors you'll see if you're attending the Shady Ladies Party will be specializing in "stuff to do" for ladies get togethers, such as tarot card readings, adult toy parties, etc. It got me thinking about the common procedures of face fillers and self preservation. If the idea behind a great plastic surgeon is that you shouldn't be able to detect the work, is a filler party a good idea? Would you have a party or would you prefer to keep your procedure under wraps?

And if you have been thinking about getting rid of the laugh lines and want to ask an expert, check out our own Local Expert, Dr. Gagliardi of Ageless Body Sculpting here.


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