If you're looking for a great time on Saint Patrick's Day, you are living in the right spot.

Seems Boston is doing things right for St. Paddy's Day each year and has come in at number four on Wallethub's 2019 Best Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day list.

I'm pretty sure this finding isn't too surprising to anyone who's lived around here ever. I mean the city's basketball team is the Celtics.

Still it's nice to have someone do the research, so when we all want to brag about how good St. Patrick's Day is on the East Coast there's something to back us up.

And in case you're wondering, the rankings didn't come out of nowhere. Wallethub looked at cost, safety, weather and "St. Patrick's Day Traditions" to come up with an overall "best city."

And even though Boston ranked pretty low in cost and weather (no shocker there), it was first in the traditions category and averaged out to a fourth place finish.

Cities supposedly doing it better are Chicago, Philadelphia and Madison, Wisconsin, of all places.

Other fun findings from this study are that Worcester, Mass. has the third highest percentage of Irish population in the country and Boston has the most St. Patrick's Day parties per person.

So I think in Massachusetts the chances are pretty good that you'll find a party and an Irish person to party with on St. Patrick's Day.

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