Boston is one of the handful of cities that has been housing the "Van Gogh Immersive Experience." If you haven't attended yet, well then time your time to "Gogh" is now.

Is the Van Gogh experience for everyone? In my opinion, no. Without spoiling any of the experience, I will say that attending this experience is about the senses. You are surrounded by the sound and art and not everyone can appreciate that.

It's absolutely friendly for people of any age but a screaming toddler may not be the most popular attendee for everyone else trying to immerse themselves under the legendary Van Gogh painting Starry Night.

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Many ask if it's worth the admission price, and while I want to say yes, I have to say it's a bit pricey, especially when you factor in parking. A regular admission ticket with cost you just about $40 and VIP is $54.

Don't get me wrong, if you appreciate art like I do, this is definitely an experience you can't miss. Over 200 of Van Gogh's pieces are included in this experience and the gift shop has some really cool stuff, too – at a price.

It's definitely something to do and would need to be a day trip as the full experience will take you an hour or two. The experience is about to "Gogh" away – the play on words – so if you have been thinking about going you should probably start planning. This would be a real creative Valentine's Day outing.

If you are looking for something to do and have the budget, I'd definitely recommend the trip up to Boston. If you need to get tickets, you can visit the Van Gogh Boston website.

If you attend this experience, I have a challenge for you: count how many sunflowers you see. I lost count at like 62 but there are many more than that.

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