It's been nearly seven years since Seagull Cinderella, often called Booby Seagull, was last on display along Route 18 in New Bedford. '

Tonight, the city's controversial statue is officially back.

Booby Seagull made international news back in 2016 when residents called her "offensive" and "ugly" and some even demanded she be removed.

Though the statue did ultimately come down at the end of the season in October of the same year, it was not removed because of the outcry.

Now this notorious statue is making her triumphant return to the waterfront.

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The Seaport Art Walk 2023 starts at Buzzards Bay Coalition July 13 at 6:30 p.m. and takes art lovers on a walk along the New Bedford waterfront, enjoying local art installations throughout the area.

This year's event features nine different artists, including Donna Dodson who created Seagull Cinderella.

For her exciting return to the city, Seagull Cinderella will occupy her same spot by the Route 18 overpass, but will look a little different.

These days 'Booby Seagull' is sporting a bright green skirt and pink flowers painted on her most controversial bits. She's bright and summery and ready to start greeting visitors to the city once again.

Photo courtesy of Tori Grasela
Photo courtesy of Tori Grasela

No surprise that this larger-than-life seagull is part of the Seaport Art Walk, since it is a large-format outdoor public art installation. Other artworks include sculptures and murals strategically placed along New Bedford’s working waterfront and Seaport Cultural District.

The art walk is part of a larger AHA! New Bedford night planned in the city, with live music, youth vendors and craft opportunities for kids.

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