On the evening of Thursday, October 3, Wareham Department of Natural Resources responded to the area of Stoney Run in Wareham for a bold coyote. No human or domestic animal contact was made, however, its aggressive posturing and hunting characteristics were a concern for residents.

Upon WDNR's arrival, the coyote was unable to be located. Additional residents reported seeing this coyote frequenting this area recently so we urge residents in proximity to just make yourself aware of the coyote and take some additional precautions, especially during morning and evening hours when they are most active.

The coyote is described to be a very healthy looking animal. Food sources are key elements for wildlife hanging around residential areas so be sure trash is secured in closed barrels and small pets are under your immediate control.

If you have any concerns please feel free to contact WDNR at 508-291-3100, extension 3180.

The area has been posted with a temporary informational sign offering tips on handling coyotes and co-existing.

Wareham Department of Natural Resources

While concerns about the coyote should be taken seriously, one area resident had some fun with the news on the Wareham Department of Natural Resources Facebook page.

"Be concerned if he is on roller skates with a rocket strapped to his back. Watch out if he is carrying a box labeled ACME." - Dave Cavanaugh



Please be on the lookout and keep loved ones, including pets safe.