Ah yes, Tina Belcher: Queen of writing erotic fan fiction and admiring butts. The socially-awkward teen portrayed in the iconic cartoon "Bob's Burgers," is beloved by many dedicated fans of the show, so it honestly wouldn't shock me in the slightest if this recently-spotted Massachusetts license plate was inspired by the eldest Belcher herself.

When she's not daydreaming about kissing Jimmy Pesto Jr. or adventuring with her siblings around Wonder Wharf, Tina often finds herself caught in uncomfortable situations, ones that typically warrant Tina's uncomfortable moan.

A Massachusetts driver, who we'd like to think is possibly Tina herself, channeled their inner Tina while customizing their license plate, ending up with the masterpiece that is "UHHH." The red, white and blue Mass. plate is slapped right on the front of a light blue Volkswagen Beetle, and Reddit user u/Eden-Echo couldn't help but snap a pic when they saw the car around town.

Courtesy of u/Eden-Echo
Courtesy of u/Eden-Echo

What town, you might be asking? Although we were really hoping this picture was taken in Belchertown, Massachusetts, u/Eden-Echo said they snapped the photo outside the Barnes & Noble in Warwick, Rhode Island.

We imagine Tina driving around town in that VW Beetle would look a little like it did when Bob tried to teach her the basics in an empty parking lot.

This wouldn't be the first time Massachusetts and "Bob's Burgers" have shown each other a little bit of love. A few years ago, fan theories swirled that New Bedford may have been the inspiration for the town in the show. Eugene Mirman, who voices Gene Belcher, even chimed into the conversation, noting that he "like[s] to think of it as somewhere in New England."

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