Black Lives Matter supporters marched in Seekonk Monday night going from Seekonk High School to Aitken Elementary, where they shared stories and speeches.

Organizer Daniel Mendes told WPRI-TV that while protests have been seen in Boston and Providence he felt the message needed to be heard in a more suburban community like Seekonk.

“We’re living in a predominately white town where black voices are not always accessible," said Mendes "and we’re not trying to overshadow black voices, we’re trying to amplify them.”

The group also encountered counterprotesters, such as Evan Burnwick of Seekonk who followed the marchers in trucks displaying signs that read "“All Lives Matter.”

“We support the police and all lives rally, because Black Lives Matter has been acting more like a hate group than anything else in this country,” Burnwick told WPRI-TV.

While the protests saw a significant Seekonk police presence both sides were peaceful and no incidents were reported.

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