Waiting in line the old fashioned way (which is by no means a bad thing) or shopping online from your favorite phone, tablet, or computer?

I know some people HATE shopping online for a lot of reasons, the most common probably before you can't try before you buy. If you want that brand new Nike hoodie, I hope you know your size. If you want to see that 70 inch big screen TV in action before you drop hundred of dollars on it, it's impossible to do online.

With that being said, I also know people who HATE standing outside (in the cold nonetheless) for hours when they could sit at their lap, under a warm blanket, and not have to wait until midnight to get the best deals.

So, the ultimate question, which is for YOU?

According to dealnews.com, if you're looking to save on laptops (exclusively over other electronics), travel, small kitchen appliances, and shoes... then Cyber Monday is for you!

For everything else, your best bet is those midnight doorbusters! BUT, that doesn't mean you can't find a great deal on the latest iPhone of your choice on Cyber Monday, the deal just may not be as spectacular. To be clear, that could very well mean 60% vs 70% off, or 30% vs 60% off, depending on exactly the things you want this holiday season, you really need to research those specific items in retail store catalogues vs online. From there, then weigh out the following:

If you really love the Black Friday midnight/early morning experience, need the best deal possible, and like to try before you buy, then GO, have fun!

If you really hate getting up super early, potentially waiting in the cold, you know the everything about the product you want, and an extra 10-30% doesn't really bother you, then wait for Cyber Monday!

Images via: LifeHacker.com and Money.CNN.com

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