Another Black Friday has come and gone, yet the chaos is still happening.

Who doesn't love a deal? We all love to take advantage of getting something for cheaper than usual. We all love a nice little discount. It's the best! Black Friday though, is pure, unrelenting madness.

I used to work at Target way back in the day, and I was working in the food part right as the chaos began one year. It was terrifying. Line around the door, and then a Lion King-style stampede as soon as the doors open. It was insane. I vowed to myself then that I'd never be a part of that chaos. No deal was worth that. Shoot, you could give me something for free and I'm not going to get that crazy over it.

The only problem for me now is, why hasn't the chaos stopped? I went to Target today just to pick something up real quick. It was still chaotic. Store packed. People still fussing and trying to get their hands on any and everything. Honestly, I just want to know why?

What's the point in having Black Friday if all these deals are lasting all weekend? Or better yet, why didn't already get your stuff on Black Friday? Why are you still shoving me out of the way on Sunday, the Lord's day?

I can not STAND the insanity of holiday shopping. How did we just have a holiday to be thankful for what we have and then aggressively attack each other for a new Blu-ray player?

It blows my mind. Let's just stop. Can we? Please?


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