If you ask most people who the best player in NBA history is, you'll most likely hear a lot of nods for Lebron and MJ. While those two are tremendously skilled and both have winning pedigrees, there should be no questioning the correct answer to who is the greatest winner in NBA history. The answer's a lock...Bill Russell

Being an 11-time champion and a dominant force in all facets of the game has helped solidify Russell as one of the NBA's best ever. It has also allowed him to continue to involve himself in the game, although his playing days are well into the past.

While his NBA legacy is as impenetrable as anything could be, unfortunately the 80 year old, just like every human, is not immune to aging and dips in health.

In fact, an ESPN report yesterday announced that Russell, while giving a speech at a Nevada resort, began to sway and fell over. From there, Russell was taken to the hospital on a stretcher, though bystanders say he appeared to be conscious.

The Celtics have since announced that Russell is "feeling better." Hopefully this incident is nothing too serious and the legend will be back and healthy before we know it. He's been such an important part of Boston sports history and has represented the Celtics with such class for so long.


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