If you've heard the buzz about the Silver City Galleria then you're probably aware that it's getting ready to say goodbye to Taunton.

Maddie reported Wednesday about the rumors surrounding the mall's demolition, and although the date February 15 had been circulating, it turns out that it's nothing but hearsay at the moment:

"According to a secretary at Taunton Mayor Shaunna O'Connell’s office, no permit has been submitted to the city for demolition," -Maddie Levine

Well, it turns out that the demolition project is a go, but has yet to set a date yet as of this time.

Anyway, since the Galleria only has a short amount of time before we have to say goodbye, I figured it would be nice to compliment the only thing I enjoyed about going there: the food court.

Specifically, the Bourbon Chicken food samples that get passed out in the food court.

I recall the escalator that rises up to where JC Penney was and to the left was an Auntie Anne's pretzel shop. Right next door to Auntie Anne's was a little Japanese food spot called Sarku Japan and if you never tried their bourbon chicken, then unfortunately you have missed one of the great tastes of the world.


I can recall the juiciness of the chicken and how perfect it was seasoned and glazed. The game was to go back as many times as possible without having the lady or man yell at you for taking too many samples. Yeah, those were the good old days.

There was never much shopping involved whenever I went, and it was always once in a blue moon. When I went, it was primarily for that delicious sweet and savory bourbon chicken that always left me full and satisfied. If only there was a Sarku Japan restaurant here on the SouthCoast, then my life would be complete.

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