Recently I mentioned that I visited a store in Upstate New York that has an "As Seen on TV" department.  All those great products that we've seen advertised in the 2-minute-plus commercials.

So which are the best, or most successful of all those gadgets and gizmos we have bought after seeing celebs promote them on TV?  According to, here are the ones that people here on the Southcoast forked over their hard-earned cash for:

NutriSystem:  Marie Osmond lost 50 pounds, the food is supposed to be delicious, and it's shipped directly to your home.  That may be the reason NutriSystem took in over $545 Million last year.

Snuggie:  I'm sure you know at least one person who bought this weird blanket.  Maybe you even received a Snuggie as a gift.  Well says 30 million snuggies were sold in their first year alone.

George Foreman Grill:  It seems that the former boxing champ has been on TV promoting these forever.  Well it has been about 25 years now, and over 100 million grills have been sold.

Proactiv:  This acne product began it's TV run back in the 90's.  Jessica Simpson was one of the celebs endorsing the skincare kit.  It's paid-off.  The company has had over 1 Billion dollars in sales.

Those are the most successful TV infomertial products.  You may think of others as well, and no doubt, if you spend anytime in front of the YV, you're sure to see many many more.  Maybe you'll even be tempted to grab your credit card.

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