It was a sight you had to see to believe as a camel was caught taking a stroll down the shoreline of a beach over the weekend.

Erin Thorkilsen had herself a beach day Aug. 13 at Moonstone Beach in Wakefield, Rhode Island, when the strangest animal walked right in front of her. Of all things to see at a beach, a camel would be the last you'd expect.

Yet, lo and behold, it happened, and Thorkilsen captured it on video.

Located in the heart of Southern Rhode Island is a place called Lavender Waves Farm where a camel named "Humphrey" resides. Humphrey went for a little adventure outside of North Kingstown to visit and explore the beach for the very first time.

This was the first time the locals recalled seeing a camel at the beach as well.

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I've seen horses patrol the shoreline, dogs on leashes, and even a lost cow, but never would I expect to see a camel roaming around the sand outside of the zoo.

Humphrey's owner, Henry Cabrera, was testing out the waters, so to speak, with the curious camel but couldn't get Humphrey to take a dip with him. Beachgoers took photos of the exotic animal, getting up close and personal with him.

"It's Humphrey's first outing on the beach," Cabrera said during a Facebook Live video. "I don't think he's going to go in the water."

The locally owned 14-acre farm is also home to Minnie the Great Dane, Babydoll sheep, alpacas, Dolly the llama and Diego the donkey.

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