He's smarter than the average bear!

Honestly I wouldn't ever recommend anyone party with a bear, but that being said, I want to party with this bear.

According to Newser.com, Mark Hough was just relaxing in his back yard when a bear came to visit. He was just sipping on his margarita trying to enjoy the day! Obviously Mark ran in the house leaving the margarita and jacuzzi to the bear...

(I would have taken the margarita if I'm being truthful. Jimmy Buffet was smart enough to do it in Jurassic World and he was being chased by dinosaurs!)


Anyway, margarita aside. According to Newser, the bear bobbed around in the pool and then, "Walked right over to the margarita, knocked it over and lapped it." This is undoubtedly my favorite bear. Sorry, Baloo.

Later Mark said he saw the bear sleeping in a tree. I genuinely had no idea bears could do that, but or course, this guy isn't just any other bear.

Check out the video of the bear playing in the jacuzzi here:



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