Have you always wanted to take care of a goat, but don't want to actually own one? Volunteer at Rogers Williams Park!

According to ABC6, Roger Williams Park is going old school and using goats to landscape their botanical garden.

The goats are a much cheaper and eco-friendly solution to keeping invasive plants out of the garden and surrounding spaces at the historic Providence park.

And it's the way things used to be done at the park in the early 1900s. Apparently back then a group of 300 sheep would just graze throughout the park, keeping grass low and plants at bay for those out enjoying the grounds.

Nowadays, it's three goats doing the work at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center.

But the goats, Jean Ralphio, Salavatore and Vincent Van Goat, need your help.

RWP Botanical Center director Lee Ann Freitas tells ABC6 that it's volunteers who come in the morning to feed the goats, muck their barn stalls, take them for walks along the park trails and even tuck them back in at night.

She says some volunteers even read bedtime stories to the goats!

Not that you have to read to them, but you can help take care of them. The goat pilot program at the park could expand, so more goat caretakers would be needed.

If you think hanging out with a goat sounds like a good time, get more info on becoming a volunteer here...

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