I'm a horrible human and Netflix proved it to me.

First Netflix set the world on fire with Bird Box. Now they're at it again with Black Mirror's Bandersnatch. It's this new "movie," I guess. It's not exactly a normal movie, though. It's an interactive one where you decide what happens next. It starts off as simple as picking which cereal the main character has for breakfast. Obviously things get a little more wild from there.

Without spoiling anything, let me just say when the choices get a little more serious, you're going to learn some things about yourself. There are some drastic decisions that definitely will speak to what your character is like.

I've realized that apparently I'm a psychopath. I kept picking the craziest scenarios and now I feel like I need to reevaluate life.

I also got way too involved. I felt terrible for ruining this kid's life, except he's not a real person. Well, at least I don't think he's a real person. WHO KNOWS AT THIS POINT?

My point is, be careful with this sucker. I feel like I lived 40 different lives in the hour or so I spent with this "movie." Don't be a crazy person like me when you watch it, though.

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