Cranberry Highway in Wareham is like the Rayhnam Automile of restaurants. It's a good place to be hungry. Among the legendary restaurants on Cranberry Highway is Bailey's Surf and Turf. They've been serving up rock solid food since 1988.

I've been to Bailey's a bunch of different times. I've tried the surf. I've tried the turf. For my money, there's really nothing like going out to eat and having a really nice piece of prime rib. To me, this is where Bailey's really shines. Their prime rib is outstanding -- both seasoned and cooked perfectly every time.

One thing you have to understand when you go into Bailey's is that the portion sizes are kind of insane. A great example of this is their "side salad." When you order a salad as one of your sides it comes in a monster-sized wooden bowl that could easily be mistaken for someone's meal. My wife and I often joke that you could go to Bailey's and get full of off just the salad and the rolls alone.

Bailey's reminds me of that classic Cape Cod family restaurant, only you don't have to fight the bridge to enjoy it.

We're doing a bonus Seize The Deal on Wednesday morning at 9 am. We'll be selling $50 gift cards to Bailey's Surf and Turf for just $25.

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