Another new animal baby is expected at Roger Williams Park Zoo.

Look for an adorable baby sloth in 2020, because Fiona and Wesley are expecting.

Roger Williams Park Zoo announced the birth of a giant anteater just over a month ago.

And now they are sharing the news of an impending sloth arrival next Spring.

I kinda can't imagine how adorable this new baby will be. Sloths themselves are super cute to me, a baby might be more than I can handle.

Yet I know as soon as I can, I'll be there trying to get a glimpse of this new little one.

The news broke on the zoo's social media a few days ago and they even shared an ultrasound photo of the little guy or girl.

sloth ultrasound
Roger Williams Park Zoo & Carousel Facebook

The staff is clearly excited and I think zoo goers are too. There was an outpouring of love and congratulations in the zoo's Facebook page and of course lots of "can't wait to meet them" comments as well.


And we'll be meeting this new little one sooner than we think.

Sloths are only pregnant for five or six months (jealous) and with it already being October that must mean we'll see the new baby some time in March.

Hopefully the zoo shares lots of photos when the sloth baby gets here, cause I know seeing the sloths themselves can sometimes we tricky with how reclusive they are.

Still I once managed to show up right at lunch time for the sloths and got some cool pics because of it.

upside down sloth
Nancy Hall/TSM

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