There's a new arrival at Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence and it's a cute one.

A new giant anteater was born at the zoo on September 4, though it is anything but giant right now.

Yesterday I took my daughter for a late afternoon zoo visit and we noticed the giant anteater's indoor viewing area was blocked off.

Wondering why we couldn't check out one of our favorites, we scoped the area out a bit more and saw a sign announcing the new baby's arrival.

Seems the mother, Delilah was currently in seclusion with her new baby so the pair could bond and the newborn could nurse and gain some strength.

Makes sense, most moms want some alone time with their new little one when it first arrives.

The zookeepers have been giving the two some space and not intruding on this special time, so they actually don't even know if the new anteater is a boy or a girl yet.

And though the sign at the zoo didn't have any pictures, we scoped out the zoo's Facebook page when we got home and found this.

So cute!

My daughter was blown away by how tiny the baby was compared to the mother. She even commented that the baby "wasn't even as big as it's mom's nose."

She has a point there. That is kind of crazy small in comparison. I mean imagine having a newborn the size of your nose! At least labor would be easy.

Delivery went well for Delilah according to the zoo's post. They also noted that dad Mochila will be kept separate from the two since male anteater's have no role in raising babies.

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