Dj/Producer Baauer never thought his song "Harlem Shake" would blow up the way it has with the aid of youtube but now that it has I bet he never thought he'd be getting sued for it either..


According to the New York Times there are multiple areas within the song that were taken by other artist and before releasing the song as a single Baauer failed to get clearance for the samples but the most important accusation that Baauer is being accused of stealing is the now infamous line "Do the Harlem Shake"..The group Plastic Little created a song called "Miller Time" in which contains the line "Do the Harlem Shake,Shake,Shake.." and the group is now looking for their fair share of the profits that Baauer is receiving..

This all seems a bit extreme to me..The song "Harlem Shake" has been out for a while now I heard this song a year ago in Miami at the WMC festival but now because the song has become nationally know this group wants to attack Baauer?!..Get off of it guys first of all Baauer's song is called "Harlem Shake" not "Miller Time" and it is a temper trap house song not a rap song so I don't believe this group has the right to "TM" one lyric line lets be realistic here people we cant be surprised when we hear there are dj's sampling music so I say give it a rest Plastic Little..

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