The young, up-and-coming musical production duo NOTD and singer Georgia Ku stopped by Fun 107 to chat with me.

Let me tell you right off the top that these guys are great. If you're not rooting for them yet, you will be after you check out the interview.

NOTD (pronounced noted) is a musical production duo that has already hit No. 1 on the dance charts and is currently climbing the Top 40 charts with their new hit "So Close" featuring Georgia Ku. Along with Felix Jaehn and the production team Captain Cuts, NOTD and Georgia Ku have created a straight up hit. There's no other way to say it.

The wild thing is that NOTD is actually just a couple of teenagers that met on Soundcloud. They linked up and started making music together and now here they are! Their story is undoubtedly inspiring and their passion is clear. They're ready for the bright lights, without question.

Georgia Ku has actually been behind the scenes on some of our favorite songs for a while. She told me how she was so happy to find out writing songs could be a job! Now she's ready to come out from the shadows and shine on her own. She undoubtedly does that on "So Close."

Check out everything you need to know about these guys and see the little game we play to see how well they know each other in my interview with them.

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