One of my few regrets I have is not discovering lo-fi music earlier on in life.

For those who are unfamiliar with the genre of music, it's exactly what it says and sounds like:  the opposite of a high definition-produced track. With lo-fi, you're introduced to a white noise, scratchy record, noisy background, old school sound that's primarily instrumental, but in some cases, have vocals and lyrics.

According to Music Gateway, lo-fi is defined as the following:

"As the name suggests, Lo-Fi music is the opposite of high-quality, high fidelity music production behind most mainstream music. Also known as DIY music, this music genre is low quality on purpose – it is a part of the Lo-Fi music’s beauty and aesthetics."

Derived from hip hop, jazz hop and chill hop, songs are sampled over tracks that are designed (for the most part) to relax you and help you focus. Even now, as I'm writing this, I'm listening to a YouTube channel designated for everything and anything lo-fi.

Whether you're trying to sleep, relax, work, study or code, these soothing tracks will do the trick to get your task done without interruption or unfocused train of thought.

Over the past decade or so, lo-fi has become very popular among college students and Spotify users. To me, it's an escape from the busy sound of every day Top 40 and pop, reconstructing the overall listening process, creating both an enjoyable experience and a sense of accomplishment as it assists with your daily tasks. It's even proven to improve your mood if you're ever down in the dumps with upbeat and catchy baselines. Listen below and tell me it doesn't put you in a good mood:

Anyone who enjoys going to sleep to the sound of rain or thunderstorms in the distance or perhaps even the satisfying crackle of a roaring fire, lo-fi is an upgrade to your noise machine. Streamline your workflow with the perplex and enjoyable sounds of lo-fi.

Give it a try – you never know, you just might like it.

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