The only way to name groomsmen is with an Oscar's-style awards show.
Now that I have my bride-to-be, I need my groomsmen! It's too easy to just simply ask people if they'll be in your wedding party. That's why I put together the 2017 Groomsmen Awards!

The Rules:

1) If you were nominated for a category, you were invited to the awards show and could bring any guests you wanted.

2) You HAD to win one of the categories you were nominated in to get into the wedding party.

3) Anyone could win more than one award, so 12 categories didn't mean 12 groomsmen!

4) The final category "Best Actor In A Leading Role," would be Best Man

"And the envelope please."

Oh and P.S. There was a protest of the awards show because there were no female nominees!

Check out the Pics and Videos here...

And Congratulations to our Best Man who had a truly humble speech!

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