It must have been a busier summer on Nantucket than most people think. While the COVID-19 pandemic supposedly caused a number of people to forego their trip to the Cape and the Islands – because of either a fear of the virus or because establishments had a difficult time finding staff – there were clearly some drinkers that showed up at the bars.

Massachusetts State Police released this interesting photo this afternoon. The photo shows the incredible number of fake IDs that were seized at bars, restaurants and package stores on Nantucket. These are the hundreds of IDs that were collected and turned over to police.

For a place that doesn't have an extraordinary amount of businesses, there sure were a lot of thirsty underaged people trying to pass off their fake IDs in Nantucket this summer.

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A closer look at the photo reveals that the fake IDs are sorted by state. Massachusetts fake IDs were, surprisingly, only the second-most popular choice. It was Connecticut that seems to be the state of choice for daring underaged drinkers.

You can also see in the photo that a number of the fake IDs are modeled after what are supposed to be the more secure "real IDs" that will be required for everyone who wants to set foot on an airplane in less than two years.

It's also interesting to note that the 500 fake IDs pictured are only from the people that got caught. Imagine how many fake IDs slipped by unsuspecting bouncers or liquor store workers?

The state police say that all of the IDs have been destroyed.

"Have a Coke and a smile," they suggested instead.

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