ATTLEBORO (WBSM)— March Madness didn't just happen on the basketball courts this year. Attleboro's elementary school recently participated in its very own March Madness-style learning initiative.

Each district's five elementary schools held a friendly competition throughout March to motivate students to work hard and reach goals.

The main objective was to increase student outcomes and productivity for the month.

Classes at each school competed against each other in a March Madness-style bracket to earn the most points. At the end of the initiative, one class from each school was named a champion.

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The Thacher, Willett, Hill-Roberts, and Hyman Fine elementary schools focused on math learning during their "March Mathess" competition. Students used ST Math, a game-based visual instructional program, to complete puzzles and practice problem-solving skills.

Attleboro Public School
Attleboro Public School District

Classes competed each week to complete the most ST Math puzzles. The classes with the most points advanced to the next round of the "bracket." Eliminated classes also continued participating and earned spots in the wildcard round.

The Studley Elementary School took a different approach, providing ways for students to earn points through challenges and assignments.

Studley students earned points by having high attendance rates, meeting ST Math and Lexia (a computer-based literacy program) goals, writing letters to community members such as firefighters and police officers, exhibiting good behavior, working with other classes, and completing homework pieces.

Teachers were also included in the fun. They earned points for their classes by making positive phone calls home and observing other teachers. At the end of the month, the class with the most points became the champion.

Attleboro Public School District
Attleboro Public School District

The initiative concluded at the end of March, with the winning class from each school earning the privilege to select a unique reward.

Trophies, the opportunity to "wrap" the principal and assistant principal in wrapping paper, a special champion breakfast, a dance party, or a surprise option were a few of the awards given to students.

"This initiative was a fun way to engage our elementary students and encourage them to work together with their classmates toward a common goal. The change in routine for the month also helped to provide extra energy and motivation within the schools," Superintendent David Sawyer said.

"The initiative was a great success, and I'd like to thank all of the teachers and faculty who helped to coordinate and manage the competitions," Sawyer said.

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