A Taunton woman was left speechless after leaving a sonogram appointment, not just because of the excitement that surrounds a pregnancy, but because of what the sonogram showed.

Ashley Ness will welcome quadruplets into the world this August, taking her family of six to a family of 10 in a few short weeks.

She shared her life-changing story this morning on Michael and Maddie.

The Unbelievable Discovery

“She literally walked out of the room to Google it, to see if it was even possible,” said Ness after her sonographer noticed four embryos during the ultrasound.

Originally, Ness saw two embryos and was prepared for twins (a challenge on its own), but soon after, there were four embryos.

Only about 150 sets of quadruplets and higher-order multiples are born in the United States each year. Most often, they happen when a parent has been using assisted reproduction, but in Ness’s case, her quadruplets are considered spontaneous, naturally occurring.

The Father-To-Be's Reaction Is All Too Relatable

Ness called the future father to tell him the news, who immediately thought it was a joke.

“He actually hung up on me,” laughed Ness, but reality set in and he realized he was the future father of two sets of twins.

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Ness already has a child of her own and the father has three of his own.

“You’ve got a baseball team here,” Michael joked on-air.

How Mommy-To-Be Feels About Quadruplets

Through it all, Ness has remained positive and excited for the next chapter of her life. While most people would panic, she feels incredibly blessed.

“It’s honestly been so easy,” she said. “Once I was out of the first trimester, my entire pregnancy has been smooth sailing.”

A Generous Gesture From a Friend

Her positivity is admirable, but there is no denying the financial strain that is to come for Ness and her family. Her aunt’s neighbor decided to set up an online fundraiser to help pay for baby supplies, and the funds continue to climb as kind-hearted strangers help out this mommy-to-be.

“I told her I don’t want it, but she said, ‘I don’t care what you want. ... This wasn’t something you asked for, this was something you were blessed with.’”

Cheston, Chance, Chesley and Chatham are expected to arrive in August, and in the meantime, Ness and her family will prepare for the beautiful chaos to come.

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