It's not unusual for me to get friend requests from Fun 107 fans each week. I enjoy it. I feel like it's a great way for me to stay in touch with our community.  But there HAS to have been some kind of a change to Facebook in the past week or two.  It's insane...the friend request has been virtually non-stop in the past 10-14 days.

Suddenly, I'll put my phone down to eat dinner...and when I go check it again...I've received 10-11 friend requests.  I'll get about 20 friend requests between the time I go to bed (about 9 o'clock) and the time I get up (3:30 am).

I'm not going to lie.  I really like it.  I'm seeing hundreds of new names on my Facebook feed now...and I'm thoroughly checking each one of these people before I accept their Facebook friendship to make sure they are not spambots from a foreign country.  All of these new Facebook friends seem legit.  Their pictures are from recognizable locations here on the Southcoast, and we normally share a good amount of mutual friends.  These are real Southcoast people.

Has anybody else noticed and incredible uptick in Facebook friend requests lately?  Does this have anything to do with the new Facebook algorithm?  Or did Facebook change something to make suggested friends more prominent?

Additional Reporting by Michael DeSouza

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