It's not out of the ordinary to feel a different way about everyday life after seeing what happened in Boston on Marathon Monday.

Mayve some of you were close to what happened as I was on that day, along with my daughter  her mom, and my daughter's granddad. One of the first sentences that was spoken in the car on the way home was "Well, looks like we aren't going to Fenway on Marathon Monday next year".  It is certainly understandable why one would think that way. After all it wasn't even 2 hours after the bomb went off that this thought was said. I even read that a few marathon runners said they would NOT run next year because of it.

Now, with the suspects dead or caught, and the tragic event almost two weeks ago, does that change your feelings? Did you have in your mind that you would NOT attend anything that involved crowds, like Fenway, or the TD Garden, or a concert? If so, have you changed your mind, or will you still avoid situations like that? My guess is that most of you reading this will say "No way, terrorists will not dictate my actions" Kind of like what Big Papi said at Fenway last week!