Today made me reflect on the time I visited the African American History Museum.

We still have a lot more progress to go in coming together as a people and eliminating biases, fears, and stereotypes. However, without Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy, none of this would have been possible today. As we celebrate his amazing legacy, I have decided to reflect on the time I visited the African American History Museum in Washington, DC.

In April of last year, I visited the museum and it was truly empowering and I became awestruck. The museum is so large it is nearly impossible to see all of the exhibits in one day. In the three or four hours I spent in the museum, I learned quite a lot of history, some things I did not know. I learned of those who have fought for justice and civil rights, who paved the way for someone like me to be successful today. The museum demonstrates rough times in our history such as slavery, the death of Emmitt Till, lynchings and more. I was shocked to learn there were Ku Klux Klan rallies held openly in public on the National Mall for many years.

However, there were positives such as learning about musical culture. There were many African American musicians who broke into the industry and became extremely successful. There were musicians such as Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and Quincy Jones. Without people such as them, it wouldn’t be possible to do what I do today. I am extremely fortunate of those and others who have paved the way.

I would recommend visiting the museum at some point. The museum makes you appreciate the progress that has occurred in the world today, but it is also a reminder that we still have work left to do.

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