As it turns out, I'm actually more Portuguese than Gazelle.

Well, similarly, I received an email informing me that had updated their results. Unlike Gazelle, until I got my original DNA results from Ancestry earlier this year, I didn't know what nationality I was. I was adopted, so it was a bit of a mystery to most of us. We had some guesses here and there, but nothing nailed down.

When I got my original results, they just told me I was 21 percent from the Iberian Peninsula. Well, the new update refined that, and as it turns out, I'm 15 percent Portuguese.


Unlike Gazelle, I have not lived a very Portuguese life. I grew up with an Irish mom and a Jamaican dad.

I guess I should have Gazelle start training me to be a true Portuguese man, but I don't know, since he's hardly one now.

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