If you missed any of the Oscar best picture nominees in theaters, you're in luck.

According to Variety, AMC announced that they're going to play all nine of the best picture nominees in select theaters again nationwide. The best picture nominees include, "The Post," "Lady Bird," "Darkest Hour," "The Shape of Water," Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Mississippi," "Phantom Thread," "Call Me by Your Name," "Get Out" and "Dunkirk."

If you ask me this deal with AMC is totally worth it even if you just go see "Get Out" and or "Dunkirk." Both of those movies were amazing in theaters and I'd go as far as to say you need to see them in theaters.

"Get Out" is wildly thrilling in theaters and "Dunkirk" is unreal. "Dunkirk" is more an experience than a movie. Seeing it in theaters is the only way to see it. The sounds the suspense at certain points are all enhanced by seeing them on the big screen in surround sound.

AMC says they'll be starting to show the best picture nominees on January 29. There's an AMC theater located at the Dartmouth Mall.

So while you're waiting for another Super Bowl Sunday, pass some of the time at the movies and go see one of these movies for the first time or maybe even a second or third.



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