For months now, we have been keeping up with the battle against cancer of Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, and aggressive treatment he's undergone to combat the disease. The question on so many people's minds is whether Jeopardy! will continue without Alex, and if so, who could possibly take his place?

While it may appear that being the host of Jeopardy! is a daunting commitment, it actually only requires the host to work a total of 46 days a year. As you may know, the episodes that air each weekday are recorded in advance. I will say in recent months I have been catching Jeopardy! more often. Some nights I feel really smart and others I have to change the channel because I don't know any of the answers.

Alex has been very clear he is leaving the process of finding a new host up to the producers. Mr. Trebek did, however, tell the public who his dream pick to take his spot would be. Alex said, "When people ask me who I’d like to see replace me, I say, ‘Well, its probably going to be a woman, and she’ll have to be bright, she’ll have to have a good sense of humor…’ Uhhh, let’s see – Betty White! Betty White is my choice,” he said.

While many long-time fans of the show state that Alex is irreplaceable as the show's host, I wouldn't hate having Betty White. My first thought was, "Isn't she 98 years old? How long would she be able to do it?

What do you think? Would Betty White absolutely kill it as Jeopardy! host? Is Alex Trebek just messing with us?

Either way, it's hard to imagine the show going on without him.

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