As any local will tell you, living on the SouthCoast doesn't actually mean living on the coast. Waterfront property is hard to come by and typically has a very high price tag. But you don't have to be a millionaire to live along the water. We found some surprisingly affordable waterfront properties on the market right now.

When you think waterfront around here you usually think expensive. Of course there are insane multimillion dollar homes for sale along the water, but they don't all come with hefty price tags.

Sometimes buying something smaller with a great view is a better way to go. An easier home to take care of with your own access to the water is certainly the way I would rather go. If you feel the same, there are properties for you too.

Keep in mind that living by the water doesn't always mean living on the beach. Most of the less expensive waterfront property around the SouthCoast is located on area rivers rather that beaches. Though you don't have to have sand for a day by the water.

If you are a fan of kayaking, canoeing or fishing off a small boat, then we think you will want to call one of these area homes your own. From Lake Noquochoke to Clark's Cove, Lee's River to Coonamessett River and even out to Lily Pond, these are the five most affordable waterfront homes we found on the market.

Keep scrolling to see inside these beautiful homes with awesome views and maybe think about making a move before summer officially arrives.

See Inside Some of the SouthCoast's Most Affordable Waterfront Homes

We may all live on the SouthCoast, but we don't all actually live along the water. Waterfront property can be hard to come by around here and often has a hefty price tag. Yet we managed to find some surprisingly affordable homes along the water that are on the market right now. Check them out below.

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