Acushnet will be buzzing as two popular events unfold, both with the same goal of bringing the community together.

While the Apple Peach Festival celebrates its 41st year, a town-wide yard sale will attract thrifty shoppers to the SouthCoast on Sept. 10 and 11.

The Unofficial Tradition of Acushnet

Every year during the weekend of the Apple Peach Festival, community members get together and host a town-wide yard sale. The festival’s crowd is the perfect opportunity for homeowners to purge their belongings and give them new life via bargain hunters.

It’s been a word-of-mouth tradition for decades, and Kelsey Janak decided to improve upon it.

Town-Wide Yard Sale Gets Organized

Janak has been an Acushnet resident since 2016. When she was looking to learn more about her future home, she noticed that there was no official page for the town. Not long after she moved in with her family, she decided to make a Facebook page for Acushnet that has amassed over 6,000 followers.

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With the help of the Facebook group and an idea from a fellow friend, Janak decided to revamp the town-wide yard sale and put a little more organization into it.

“I decided to put together a map of addresses and organize it into a route,” she said, in hopes of making the weekend a little more seamless.

Traffic proved to be an issue on Main Street last year, but with the help of police presence and a handy map, Janak believes this year will be just as successful.

What To Expect on September 10th and 11th

Last year, over 100 houses participated in the town-wide yard sale, and this year comes pretty close to that.

“The community absolutely loves it,” Janak said. “People seemed to appreciate the organization (last year) and I hope it brings the community closer together.”

There will also be lemonade stands scattered throughout town and opportunities to donate to local charities and animal shelters.

Janak also hopes that the yard sale will attract more families to the Apple Peach Festival, which has seen a decrease in attendance over the years.

“The festival is a crucial part of our tradition,” she said.

Check out the official list of participating homes below and follow the event page to stay up to date on information.


12 Elderberry Drive, Saturday and Sunday

119 Peckham Road, Saturday

178 Peckham Road, Saturday

21 Bow Drive, Saturday and Sunday

248 Keene Road, Saturday and Sunday

4 Arrow Lane, Saturday

12 Beaver Dam Road, Saturday and Sunday

43 Reservoir Road, Saturday

5 Lynn Ellen Drive, Sunday

10 Barksdale Lane, Saturday

581 Middle Road, Saturday and Sunday

370 Middle Road, Saturday

9 Sears Lane, Saturday and Sunday

3 Beechwood Drive, Saturday and Sunday

123 Nyes Lane, Saturday and Sunday

157 Nyes Lane, Saturday and Sunday

3 N Anthony Drive, Saturday

76 Middle Road, TBD

14 Ludlow Street, Saturday and Sunday


32 Dalton Street, Saturday

40 Rock Street, Saturday and Sunday

16 Nye Avenue, Saturday

120 James Street, Saturday and Sunday

15 Wing Lane, Saturday and Sunday

14 Elaine Way, Saturday

6 Michael Way, Saturday and Sunday

46 Wing Lane, Saturday

15 Bertrand Way, Saturday and Sunday

16 Green Meadow Drive, Saturday and Sunday

18 Brookside Drive, Saturday and Sunday

12 Margaret Street, Saturday and Sunday

16 Boylston Street, Sunday

31 Boylston Street, Saturday

14 White Street, Saturday and Sunday

218 Main Street, Saturday and Sunday

12 Frank Street, Saturday

32 Park Avenue, Saturday

289 Main Street, Sunday

73 Rogerson Avenue, Saturday and Sunday

315 Main Street, Saturday and Sunday

333 Main Street, Saturday and Sunday

363 Main Street, Saturday and Sunday

1 Rock Cress Lane, Saturday and Sunday

11 Rock Cress Lane, Saturday

504 Main Street, Saturday and Sunday

616 N Main Street, TBD

634 Main Street, Saturday and Sunday

758 Main Street, Saturday and Sunday

827 Main Street Saturday and Sunday

1163 Main Street, TBD

17 Davis Farm Lane, Saturday and Sunday

54 Quaker Lane, Saturday


28 Cushing Lane, Saturday and Sunday

302 Perry Hill Road, Saturday and Sunday

32 Gammons Road, Saturday and Sunday

74 Gammons Road, Saturday

63 Mattapoisett Road, Saturday

8 Mattapoisett Road, Saturday and Sunday

4 Holly Avenue, Saturday

141 Mendall Road, Saturday and Sunday

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