This big family from the very small town of Acushnet have a lot to be excited about this December.

If you can't watch Family Builds on the DIY network, channel 240 live, be sure to set your DVR EXACTLY as it appears below.  Don't forget to DVR the show BEFORE Family Builds too.  This shows the network they are keeping viewers from show to show, that's important!


"A family that builds together, stays together."  That's what their Dad always said to them as they were growing up.  Mr. DesRoches started DesRoches Brothers Construction out of their home in Acushnet more than 5 decades ago and today, 4 of his sons run the family business.  Sam, Noah, Seth and Joel have teamed up with their talented sister Virginia who is an interior designer, to create Family Builds.




is a brand new home improvement TV show that will be featuring it's pilot episode on the DIY network Saturday December 10th, which is a sister network to HGTV.  They are both owned by the same parent company that also owns the Food Network.  How is the DIY network different from HGTV?  The parent company Scripps explains that HGTV appeals to people who like the idea of a “fresh approach,” and those who would “rather dream than do.” And they promote DIY as “the go-to destination for rip-up, knock-out home improvement television.”  And who in our society likes to “rip-up” and “knock-out”?  Mostly men, but not all men :)  Some women that I know like to rip down a wall or pull out a window and Virginia DesRoches is definitely one of those women!



From Scripps’s own description of their networks, it appears they have chosen to market HGTV more toward women and DIY more toward men.



Virginia has built up her own very successful business specializing in interior and exterior design, Artful Interior Finishing. Her unique creativity allows her to completely transform a room or a restaurant, you pick!  She re-creates everything from an office into a baby's nursery or wall art, home and garden and seasonal decor... ALL of what Virginia does is custom and one of a kind.  You can see her work at The Black Whale restaurant in New Bedford and many other businesses on the Southcoast. Check out Virginia's work on her website and Facebook page.   This busy mom and entrepreneur tackles every new project with an "all in" attitude and isn't afraid to get a little saw dust in her hair, lol.  She works HARD and takes great pride in the work she does, and it shows!

Be sure to watch the DIY debut of Family Builds THIS Saturday December 10th at 7pm.  Spread the word to friends and family near and far so that Acushnet's DesRoches family receive the highest ratings possible for their debut pilot.  This is the only way Family Builds will become a permanent fixture in the DIY networks lineup. Congratulations to Sam, Noah, Seth, Joe and Virginia DesRoches on their accomplishments and we wish you the best of luck with Family Builds! #smalltownfamily #familybuilds #acushnet #desroches :)