This is from the Acushnet Police Facebook Page, they are investigating a case of animal cruelty and we apologize for the disturbing photo.

Today at around 12:15, a witness reported seeing a white male, mid to late twenties on the Slocum Street bridge.This male was last seen wearing a gray type running suit with a black stocking hat. He was pushing a small baby stroller with a black plastic bag. The witness then observed this male throw the object near the Slocum Street bridge into the Acushnet River. The bag did not go into the river but landed on the bank. Found inside the bag was a 4 year old female pitbull, color brown and white. This female may of had puppies. According to the Acushnet Animal Control officer there were injuries on the dog. The injuries consist of dog bites and appears as though the dog was being used in dog fights. This male was last seen running into New Bedford from Slocum Street and then south on River Road. Anyone with knowledge of the owner of this dog, please contact the Acushnet Police Dept. Callers can speak with Officer Ryan Lavoie or Detective James D. Costa.