CARE, Southcoast staff was stunned to find the shelter suddenly needs to find a new location after its current home was sold without their knowledge.

In a recent post to its Facebook page, CARE explained that although the staff knew the building was up for sale, they believed those plans had been put on hold and had no idea that a deal was in the works until their new landlord showed up on the property.

"We're still in shock," Marshman said.

It's beyond sad to see a non-profit that has been providing homes for so many rescue animals to now be looking for a new home itself.

Thankfully, the local community has come in full force, tagging each other under CARE's Facebook post and suggesting locations for a possible move.

CARE, Southcoast President Ruth Marshman has confirmed the previous building owner had informed her of wanting to sell it last year but she said she hadn't heard from him in months. She only found out about the new owner when he showed up and started measuring windows.

CARE had previously been informed the shelter had six weeks to find a new home back in October, but Marshman said required soil testing due to the gas station next door had held up that sale, and she never heard anything after that.

"He said 'oh, I'm going to hold off for now,'" Marshman said.

Marshman wants to be pro-active and find a new home for the shelter. They need at least a thousand square feet but more would be wonderful. Washer and dryer hookups are a must as well. Even though they are a non-profit, they are not just looking for a handout; she said they always paid rent and utilities on time each month and would do the same at a new location. Anyone with any potential leads for a new location for CARE, Southcoast can call Marshman directly at (508) 728-0351.

Marshman called into WBSM's Phil Paeologos this morning, taking her plea to the radio audience:

Living with two rescue dogs, I know how just how vital our pet rescue shelters are. We absolutely love our two pit mixes. They are the sweetest. Hopefully, CARE can find a new home soon, so they can keep providing wonderful pets with the perfect new homes.

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