The commute in Acushnet looked a little different this morning. There was an unexpected traffic jam as drivers watched a cow enjoy a casual stroll off Lake Street.

Chrissy Arruda lives near Lake Street, and as she left her house to start her day, she noticed that people were stopped ahead of her.

As the traffic began to build, she noticed a cow just a few yards away from her car.

“He was just running around, taking his morning walk,” joked Arruda.

She took out her phone and grabbed a video of the odd sight, showing the cow jog from one front lawn to the other, with not a care in the world.

“Everyone was going super slow in the event that the cow ran out into the road,” said Arruda.

She shared the video online, and it was met with dozens of comments.

Stephanie Medeiros shared her own photo of the wandering cow, writing, “He wouldn’t moooooove out of the way so I could get to work!”

“How udderly hilarious,” wrote Tyler Willette.

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While the video accumulated dozens of views and hilarious comments, her main reason for the video was to inform anyone in the area that their cow was on the loose.

“There’s the White’s Dairy Farm and they have cows over there, so it must have escaped from over there, but I’m not sure,” Arruda said.

Arruda was unable to see the event come to any sort of conclusion. For all we know, that cow is still wandering the front lawns of Lake Street, seeking a little adventure away from the farm.

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