Nothing beats bringing a pet home for the first time. They may be timid, but once they realize they are home for good, it’s an unbeatable feeling to form a bond like that. My wish is for every animal to know what it feels like to go home for the first and final time.

Luckily, I have the help of shelters on the SouthCoast, and together, we aim to get as many pets adopted as possible. Fun 107’s Wet Nose Wednesday is dedicated to giving one lucky animal the spotlight, and this week, let me introduce you to Braveheart.

Braveheart is a one-year-old cat that currently stays at CARE, SouthCoast Animal Shelter in Acushnet. Trapped on the streets of New Bedford, Braveheart came to the shelter feral. Ruth Marshman, director of the shelter, explained how much progress Braveheart has shown during his stay.

“With time, Braveheart showed signs of being semi-feral and allowing volunteers to go into his cage without aggression,” she said.

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When he started showing signs of progress, Braveheart went into a fostering program for socialization. He has improved greatly.

“He now comes to his cage door looking for pets,” Marshman said.

This cat had a rough start, but with some attentive love, Braveheart has made some incredible strides. All he needs is a family to accept him as their own. CARE, SouthCoast recommends Braveheart’s forever home to have no young children.

Are you interested in meeting Braveheart? Contact CARE, SouthCoast online and give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram. Your new best friend is waiting for you.

CARE, SouthCoast Animal Shelter

211 Middle Rd, Acushnet, MA 02743

(508) 994-0220

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