What we once knew as the Abbey Grill in Fall River is being restored to it’s former glory as a restaurant, event space, and museum.

After Chef George Karousos closed the upscale Abbey Grill back in 2009, the site had fallen into disrepair.  Andrew Lombardi of Cranston, had plans to restore the 19th century site when he bought the former Central Congregational Church two years ago.  While it might have proven a more difficult chore than originally expected, Lombardi spent the past few years searching for qualified contractors to repair the damaged church.  Now, according to the Fall River Herald, Lombardi is nearing completion of an upscale restaurant, using the church hall as a function room and a Fall River Museum of Art.  He plans on re-opening this fall.

The location of Abbey Grill has a lot of history within it’s walls. The Central Congregational Church was built in 1875 by the city’s wealthy. In Lizzie Borden's day, the Center Congregational Church is where she would go to worship. The church is also the direct descendant of the church the Pilgrims started when they landed in Plymouth in 1621. Today, the location of the new Abbey Grill is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Additional Reporting by Kiah Heron