The Fall River Public Library posted this photo on the Facebook page on Tuesday requesting assistance from the community to help finish their winter project. This igloo is made entirely of used gallon water jugs that have been glued together to create the masterpiece. Kids are already enjoying the structure, even though it is technically still "under construction."

They need about 100 more used gallon water jugs to complete the children's room igloo, so if you have any you would like to donate, you can drop them off at your earliest convenience. Recycle those jugs for a good cause. The kiddos will thank you.

I'm really impressed with this Pinterest post come to life. I mean, can you say "Nailed it?" I wish I could pull this off in my house, but I'm pretty sure that my artistic abilities would turn this into an avalanche in less than an hour.

Maybe even consider stocking a few empty water jugs for yourself in case the little ones at home are in need of a hands-on project to keep them busy during the next snow day. Everyone could use a day away from screens, right?

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