Before we dive into this wild re-enactment, please know that we also think the coyotes have gotten a bit bigger and scarier these past few years.

However, as scary as this Rutland's man encounter may have been, his re-enactment of it for Boston's 25 reporter Drew Karedes was kind of funny.  He said that he does see coyotes in his yard often because of his chickens, but it was suddenly being attacked by the "wild monster" that had him fearing for his life.

Here's a clip of Brian Hutchins explaining how he tapped into wrestling moves from high school to get the coyote off of his back and "just keep stabbin' 'em."

Luckily, Brian is okay and wildlife experts say that coyote attacks on humans are rare. But this video re-enactment had us giggling a bit and reminded us quite a bit of this other local re-enactment/interview about a sea monster from Tiverton.

It even inspired a re-enactment remix that was even funnier.

But all laughing aside, we do believe that some coyotes warrant the description "monster," and deserve serious vigilance for people who live near the woods or have livestock at their homes. But if you are from the "pics or it didn't happen" camp, here's a "monster" coyote from the North Dartmouth area to give you an idea of how big of a deal these coyote attacks can be.

Moral of the story: Stay aware, practice wrestling, carry a knife.

Dartmouth Coyote

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