So, apparently not everyone wants to keep up with the Kardashians.

According to NECN, Carl Puia, 74, of Glastonbury, is scheduled to be in court March 22 after being charged with criminal mischief.


Puia was seen pouring red liquid on a bunch of Kim Kardashian's "Selfish" books, according to police. The six books destroyed are literally a collection of selfies from Kim K.

Puia also note that he took the time to type out, to express how much he dislikes the Kardasians and anyone like them. He left the note for Barnes & Noble staff, because why not?

I honestly don't know what's the craziest part of the story, the fact that he was so angry he destroyed her books, the fact that he so kindly wrote a letter to explain, or that Kim Kardasian has a book of selfies. Like, it's literally a picture book. She published a picture book, of herself and a guy destroyed them. This is real life.

If you totally want to waste 9 minutes, here's a video of her book, which now has 6 less copies in circulation...



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