I came across a friend on social media who congratulated her girlfriend on the 70th wedding anniversary of her grandparents. I thought, wow, 70 years, that's special.

Angela is a gal that I know through a few mutual friends and when I found out that Ernest and Lillian are her grandparents, I asked her to please share with us what they mean to her and her family and the secret to a long and loving marriage of 70 years.

Angela Rose/Facebook

Angela says, "My wonderful grandparents Lillian and Ernest L’abbe have just celebrated their 70th Anniversary. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have them in my life all of these years. My grandparents are an absolute true inspiration, the person I am today is all because of them, they have always taught me to work hard, and always believed in everything I do. They taught me that family is everything, and to accept and love unconditionally. I am also newly married and was so lucky to share our day with them. Their secret to marriage as they told us 'never go to bed angry, and to always love one another.' My grandfather’s side advice to my new husband 'the wife is always right, and you always say, yes dear!' I think my grandparents are such an inspiration and I aspire to have a long wonderful life of love, family and friends just as they did."

Angela Rose/Facebook

I would definitely agree that making sure to NOT go to bed angry or upset at one another is great advice. Nothing feels worse than laying there knowing you're upset and so are they. And the little tidbit from Angela's grandfather Ernest about "the wife is always right" – yeah, I'm going to agree with that too.

Congratulations to this beautiful couple from New Bedford, Ernest and Lillian, cheers to 70 years as husband and wife and here's to many more wonderful years to come!

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